BOB - How it works (p2)

Best of Book is based on Euronext’s superior execution quality:

  • In Q1 2016, Best of Book helped retail investors to save €6,446,997.
  • It delivered 99.11%³ of best execution success: 20.37%³ of the value traded was equal to the EBBO and 78.71%³ was better than the EBBO.

Which stocks are eligible on Best of Book?

The most liquid securities from Euronext’s national domestic indices: AEX®, AMX®, BEL 20®, CAC 40®, Next20®, CAC Mid 60®, PSI 20®.

Where can you use Best of Book?

The Best of Book service is available through the following Euronext market places: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon.

How to access Best of Book?

You have the right to choose Euronext as the execution platform. So just ask your bank or broker to send your orders to Best of Bookvia their existing access.

Do you want proof of this best execution?

Ask your bank or broker to send you the best execution reports provided by Euronext.

¹In the best execution analysis provided by the third-party’, the EBBO (European Best Bid and Offer) refers to a benchmark price reflecting the best possible price available among all the European lit venues where the instrument could have been traded at the time of trade.
²For the stocks traded in Best of Book – in June 2016 (Source TAG Audit)
³In H1 2016 (Source: LiquidMetrix)